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The basic function of SEO is to help position your website well in the search engines’ results pages in order to drive more targeted traffic through to your site. This is done through a variety of off-site SEO activities including social media marketing, link building, content marketing and more. A great off-site SEO campaign will develop a strong link portfolio that uses a variety of quality sources to drive traffic. But the best white hat link buildingcampaign in the world won’t help your SEO if your site doesn’t match up.

Here are 5 factors on your site that could be hindering your SEO success:

People form an impression about a website during the first 1/20th of a second that they see it, based on a purely visceral reaction to its visual design elements. As SEO is all about driving traffic to a site so that it can then make conversions, this suggests the importance of graphic design for SEO. Graphic design and SEO work tougher because investing in online marketing only makes sense if the website can convert visitors to customers. A professional looking site that is clear and visually appealing can do this, while anything else weakens SEO’s effectiveness.

If you’re a local business owner who knows of the importance of having good online presence, then chances are that you are very familiar with the concept of SEO. You should know that your website’s contentdoes not only serve the purpose of educating and entertaining your visitors. Your content also has something to do with SEO. These facts are easily understood. On the other hand, it can be difficult to understand how content can help in optimizing your website.

So, let’s run through. You have a new site that you’ve just launched. You are setting things up for success. What do you need to worry about?

First off, accessibility. What I mean by this is users and search engines both need to be able to reach all of the pages, all the content that you’ve created on your website in easy ways, and you need to make sure you don’t have any dumb mistakes that can harm your SEO. These are things like 404s and 500 errors and 302s instead of 301s, duplicate content, missing title tags, thin content where there is not much material on the page for the search engines to grab on to and maybe for users as well. Two tools that are great for this, first off, Google Webmaster Tools, which is completely free. You can register at The SEOmoz Crawl through the SEOmoz Pro Web App, also very useful when you are looking at a new site. We built a bunch of features in there that we wish Google Webmaster Tools kept track of, but they don’t, and so some of those features are included in the SEOmoz Crawl, including things like 302s for example and some thin content stuff. That can be quite helpful.