If you’re considering a Toronto web design company you need to know your options before contracting the work out. You’re probably looking for great quality, value, at affordable prices with great customer service for you. Aren’t we all?

Design accounts for 46% percent of a viewers appraisal of trust and quality of a website. That’s a lot of traffic and business to lose if you don’t have the right creative design behind your site. You need to be sure the company will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the quality of your site. A company that employs different designers on site, allowing you to obtain a range of stylistic influences is an additional benefit you should take in to account when weighing the pros and cons of a particular provider.

Depending on your needs some of the services that you may be require could include services such as Social Media Design, E-Commerce solutions, Content Management, SEO and Web Hosting. Very few web design firms offer this range of service so you need to be sure that whoever you go with has experience in the field your project requires.

Mobile Accessible Websites are becoming more and more popular as users access the web through smart phones in ever increasing numbers. You need to make sure that your website is will be compatible with all Blackberry’s, Android phones, iPhones and other smart phones. The added bonus is that the pricing is considerably cheaper when developing a Mobile Website rather than a full one. Ideally you will want your website optimized for both mobile and regular PC visitors. This will cost extra, however if your website is commercial in nature the cost offsets the loss in traffic you may experience by ignoring either segment of the market.

Your project manager should be communicative and willing to provide you with expert advice and support on any service that you need. No overselling and no gimmicks to give you products you don’t really need. They should provide a personal touch and will connect with you on a professional level to provide you with what you need. You should be able to get a good feel for your project manager during your first call. Does he ask you a lot of questions? Do you fee like he is using pressure tactics to make you sign up? Is he trying to cross sell you or upsell you various additional services you didn’t ask for? Take not of his conduct during that initial consultation. The company you work with should not feel “desperate” for your business or come off unprofessionally in any way.

Support services should include a toll free number, an email address, and a customer contact form you can fill out with any questions that you may have about your services. They should respond to you in a timely and efficient manner and be able to answer any questions and concerns that you may have about any of your web services. Only go with a company that offers real time protection on your service so you don’t have to experience those down times that many of the more low-tier services give you. Ignore companies that fail to provide you with a phone number. Any legitimate business will display a number, name and address clearly on their website.

Pricing and cost varies depending on the type of services you require. Your project manager should be able to explain the details of their pricing structure and break down the cost to you in common sense terms.

Choosing the proper service provider can be a tough thing to do when it comes to web design. There are a bewildering number of options out there that may leave you confused and frustrate as to which one is really the right one for you. Any great design firm worth its salt will pride itself on the following 4 cardinal rules of good design service: Discovery, Design, Development and Delivery. If you’re looking for a trusted web design firm, looking for those qualifications in a firm may just save you a lot of time and money.

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