Content Management System (CMS)

Our CMS solutions allow you to centrally manage documents/content and continuously add value to your website.

Managing your website couldn’t be easier. You’ll be able to add to or change the content of your site at any time, with no need to call us!

Maintaining relevant information on a site helps in attracting, retaining and pursuing the target customers to make a sale. Our content managers perform a varied range of functionalities such as updating of product information, creation and editing of picture groups, news and press release management, and more.

By managing these aspects, the Content Management System not only makes it possible to complete updates with ease, but also ensures a cost-effective solution that successfully meets your online needs.

Toronto Web Design

Our CMS systems are designed to be:

  1. Easy to use – Anyone familiar with word processors can easily use the editor to create or update web pages.
  2. Secure – Only allowed personnel have access to update the website.
  3. Flexible – Our CMS can be combined with our website design & e-commerce solutions for a complete custom look and feel.
  4. Cost Effective – You won’t find necessary to employ a full-time webmaster or a third-party vendor to edit or update the web content.